Made in USA Set *Limited edition*


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Made in USA Set *Limited edition*

A limited edition #madeinUSA using the latest mobile technology (4G/LTE).

The enclosure is created in Tennessee in collaboration with Good Wood Nashville who work with reclaimed wood.

This special edition is assembled in and shipped from Alabama. 

Pre-order a set today be the first owners of a batch to be deliver in Summer 2018!!

A Set includes a Big Lamp and a Little Lamp which start working as soon as you plug them in. You don't need WiFi in your home or a mobile phone. Switch on the Big lamp, and the Little Lamp, wherever it is in the world, will switch on too.

This set includes:

  • 1 Big Lamp
  • 1 Little Lamp
  • Global connectivity for 5 years using X technology
  • International connectors


Big Lamp: H 211mm x W 168mm X D 168mm, 
Little Lamp H 132mm x W 105mmx D 105mm

    Shipment will take place by summer 2018

    Our lamps are made to order by local craftsman who make and assemble each lamp right here in the USA, so it can take a little longer to arrive with you than mass produced items.

    Order by 31st of December to receive in mid 2018. We wait for a full batch to be sold before making them and keep you updated on the process. Beautiful design, quality materials and the latest in technology.

    US VAT is included from Delaware (0%)

    Coverage: Good Night Lamps work across North America in places with LTE/4G coverage. The lamps may also work in areas outside of North America though this cannot be guaranteed.